Straw Bale Building Research

Why do straw bales make such a fantastic building material?


There is a growing body of research into straw bale and other natural building materials:


Should the Government continue to encourage the burning of straw?

Presented at CAT Symposium, November 2011 by Carol Atkinson


Why Build with Straw by Carol Atkinson
Nuffield Farming Scholarship Report, December 2010


Energy Assessment of a Straw Bale Building Carol Atkinson
MSc Thesis, January 2008


Buildwell 2010 - Innovative materials for a greener planet

January 27-30 Cavallo Point Lodge, Sausalito, San Francisco Report by Carol Atkinson


Humidity in straw bale walls and its effect on the decomposition of straw

Jakub Wihan, MSc Thesis, July 2007


The social and legislative barriers to the uptake of construction products derived from agricultural materials

Carol Ann Long, MSc Thesis, January 2008


Totnes Eco House

Interaction between design and in-situ monitoring. Carfrae, Wilde, Goodhew, Walker and Littlewood, Passive and Low Energy Architecture conference, October 2008


Straw Bale External Insulation as Retrofit for UK Buildings

Kevin Le Doujet, August 09


Home Grown Houses: The Potential for large-scale production of renewable construction materials from crops grown in the UK, and possible impacts

Peter K Allen, Passive and Low Energy Architecture conference, September 2004


Compression load testing straw bale walls

Peter Walker, University of Bath, May 2004


Building Envelope Test Report - Air and Thermal - Nevada

by Sierra Energy Professionals, October 16 2010


Compressive Strength Testing of Earthen Plasters for strawbale wall application

Taylor, Vardy and MacDougall, 2006


Detailing the Effective use of Rainscreen Cladding

Carfrae, Wilde, Littlewood, Goodhew and Walker 2009


An investigation of Bond Strength in Straw Bale Construction

Colin Smith July 2008


Effect of Mesh and Bale Orientation on the Strength of Straw Bale Walls

P.I. Colin MacDougall, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation


Thermal performance of Straw Bale Wall Systems

Nehemiah Stone, Ecological Building Network, October 2007


Moisture Properties of Plaster and Stucco for Straw Bale Buildings

John Straube, Ecological Building Network, October 2007


Partial Fill Cavity Walls: Have we reached the limits of the Technology?

Article by Joseph Little for Construct Ireland


Field investigations of the thermal performance of construction elements as built

Building Research Establishment, DETR Framework Project Report, November 2000


The effects of Plastered Skin Confinement on the Performance of Straw Bale Wall Systems

Wheeler, Riley and Boothby, Pennsylvania State University, 2004


Straw Bale Construction: Is Straw Bale Construction suitable for Self-Builders in Britain?

Robert Hilton, M.Arch 2007


Decay Characteristics of Different Types of Straw Used in Straw Bale Building

James Clynes, MSc Thesis, January 2009


English translation of Danish thermal study